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Starting from Scratch

When life gives you lemons, make a cake. At least that's what we did when the funds became low and expenses remained high. Hard economic times inspired us to stop looking for the next 9 to 5 and pursue our passions –  baking and design. 

Making Canella Sweets & Designs an official venture in the summer of 2016, we are continuously pulling from tradition, experimentation, and skill building to create exciting and contemporary sweets and stationary designs that clients can feel happy incorporating into their life experiences. 


Canella Crew



I'm a lover of the small moments that make me dream big, a proud mom of a five year old boy - who makes me wonder how I ever got so lucky, and a lover of life.

After four years pursuing what I thought was my dream, a corporate job in Downtown Calgary, coming home unhappy every day I realized I was chasing after the wrong dream. I sat in a cubicle from 8-5, skipped lunch, worked over time, took work home and commuted almost three hours. I worked very hard to help someone else, who I would never meet, reach their dreams.

I took a vow to change my life: to work hard to reach my own dreams and to make a career out of something I truly love.

I decided it was time for me to call the shots. To give wings to my creativity in making things that look and taste really good.

I have watched my mom bake since I was a teenager never thinking too much about it until a few years ago. When my son turned one, I baked and decorated my first cake - the discovery of my love for baking. From that moment, every year I would spend hours baking and decorating cakes for my son's birthday and loving every minute of it.

In 2016 my mom and I founded Canella Sweets & Designs as we finally decided to follow our hearts and listen to our friends and family who for years had been telling us to stop wasting time and start doing what we love.




My husband and I migrated from Colombia to Canada 15 years ago with our three daughters and a suitcase full of dreams.

I'm a lawyer by profession, but I always found my rhythm in creating – whether it was experimenting with painting techniques, ceramics, cooking or baking, I have always sought out opportunities to learn something new.

My passion for learning led me to the professional baking and cake decorating program at SAIT a couple of years after we arrived in Calgary. I learned from outstanding mentors who inspired me and continuously pushed me to be the best.

Over the last few years I have been teaching my daughter Diana and I've watched as her passion for baking and designing cakes keeps growing. 

My husband and daughter were laid off of their jobs in oil and gas in 2015. We'd been through hard times before, but this time it felt different, this time I knew we needed to stop looking for the next job and take charge of our own lives.

With inspiration from our family and friends, who have enjoyed our cakes for years, my daughter and I decided to share our love for all things sweet and beautiful to create something amazing together - Canella Sweets & Designs.